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Trained and Certified telephone system specialist with 30+ yrs experience offering you smart and affordable choices on new telephone systems from Panasonic.
Plus, telephone system service, repair, parts and equipment for all brands of systems.

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Looking for a new telephone system?
We offer traditional systems, Hybrid systems and voice over IP systems (VOIP) all with the latest features available. The Panasonic NS700 systems are well known for their quality and come with easy to use features like voicemail to e-mail, call recording and smart phone integration. Triad also offers leasing options to help with the up front costs and has refurbished telephone systems and equipment available, complete with a warranty, all to help save you money.

Our sales and service area covers southeastern Nebraska from York, east to the Iowa border and from Fremont, south to the Kansas border and everywhere in between. 

Look at this - If Triad doesn't repair your system, you owe us nothing!
That's right, if we do not repair your phone system, we will not charge you for any labor at all!

Give Triad a call today and see how we can help!
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