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Trained and Certified telephone system specialist with 30+ yrs experience offering you smart and affordable choices on new telephone systems from Panasonic.
Plus, telephone system service, repair, parts and equipment for all brands of systems.

Stay in control with the new KX-NS700 telephone system from Panasonic.

* User login to make system changes yourself

* Multi system to system or VOIP telephones for remote locations

* Smartphone APP with its own system extension number for everywhere you go

* Voicemail to e-mail conversion for every user or group mailbox

* Call recording to your own mailbox

* Holiday and company greetings to greet callers if no answer or off hours

* Built in or customize your own on hold messages

* Multiple call ring groups for any number dialed or from the voicemail greeting

* Compatible with analog, PRI or SIP type dial tone service

* System cordless handsets for roaming employee's

* Plus all of the standard system features we have been used to for years

The list goes on but you get the idea.

Now lets talk about cloud telephone service for a minute. Why pay every month for a seat, device or feature you want when it's all available to you with the NS700 system. Sure it costs more up front but, in the long run you will be saving every month with your own system. We have leasing options available to help with the upfront costs. The system comes with a 2 year warranty standard and a extra 5 year warranty at a very reasonable cost for a total of 7 years on any or all of the system equipment parts. Also remember you won't need to pay or wait for someone to make the system changes for you, you are in control with the new KX-NS700 system from Panasonic and Triad Telephone.

Take a look at the KX-NS700 brochure Panasonic_KX-NS700_Brochure.pdf
1.9 MB

Also, see below some of the many other choices we carry to make your system complete.


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